*TLDR: Stake NAR tokens = get GEM tokens and farm more NAR tokens.

The elusive treasure of the NAR oceans.

The burning token of $NAR has now uncovered the elusive token of the NAR protocol — $GEMs. They appear when you STAKE your $NAR and disappear when you UNSTAKE your $NAR. $GEMs will be an important token in the protocol. Here are some details you might need to know:

  • When you stake $NAR, you attain $GEM tokens as well as farm more $NAR. - The $NAR that is farmed from staking is distributed from the dividend pool with the rate of ( (DIVIDEND POOL TOTAL/2) / WEEK ) - The first injection has already taken place into the staking pool for NAR at the time of this article being written.

  • Total supply of $GEM is dependant on total supply of $NAR

  • $GEM tokens do NOT have a burn function.

  • The dev team would advise you to NOT sell or buy or trade your $GEM tokens, they are for your use and strategy in the NAR protocol.

  • (UPDATE): The $GEM pool has a slightly different buffrate system from other pools: - 24 hours per buffrate refresh from timestamp of first staking - Upon adding more NAR into staking, the buffrate adjusts based on a weighted average and the refresh timer resets to 24 hours at the time of adding liquidity - $GEM pool buffrate resets when unstaking or harvesting NAR - ALL USERS have a max buffrate of 15

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