This is your guide to Narwhalswap’s unique NFT (Phase 1) features!

(All information is accurate at the time and date of writing and is subject to further updates)

The $GEM and $GOLD features seem to have hinted users at a much larger game in play here for the NAR-world. And today, we want to introduce you to the next step in Narwhalswap’s Roadmap — our uniquely made NFT features.

What is an NFT?

A “Non-Fungible Token” is a type of digital asset that is particularly valuable because these tokens are unique, rare and indivisible (more info here: Because these assets are unique and limited in number, their value potentially only increases as time passes by.

TLDR: NFT are crypto-collectibles.

What makes Narwhalswap’s NFT features unique?

The first phase of Narwhalswap’s NFT features will combine collectability with utility. This means that users will not just be able to buy,sell or collect these assets, but each NFT also has a unique function in the Narwhalswap Protocol.

Which means you can actually use them for your benefit.

Note: At this time of writing, the NFT features are going to be rolled out in different phases so that the dev team can monitor the performance of the new features as well as gather user feedback. Phase 1 will include the NFT slots being usable in the $GEM pool ONLY.

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