*TLDR: Stake $GEM tokens to farm $GOLD tokens

The currency for the sailors of NAR.

Better boats? Better discoveries? Who knows what this will help you with.

$GOLD is the second token introduced by the NAR protocol for this update. You’ll need this token to upgrade your abilities in the near future. To attain $GOLD, this is where your $GEM tokens come in handy. Here’s what you need to know.

  • When you stake $GEM tokens, you farm $GOLD tokens.

  • Only 576 $GOLD tokens are distributed DAILY.

  • $GOLD tokens do NOT have a burn function.

  • $GOLD will be the token used for the NFT gatchapon feature (NFT gatchapon feature to be announced with more details) - When using the NFT gatchapon feature, $GOLD tokens will be used to purchase an attempt - This transaction is a purchase transaction not a swap transaction - Technically, this mechanism is a $GOLD burning mechanism - All $GOLD used for the each purchase of a NFT gatchapon will be burned.

  • The $GOLD pool will begin distribution at block 1800000.

  • $GOLD will be the sailors key to attaining NAR-……

And with that, we wrap up the latest updates for the NAR protocol. If you’re reading here with us, the Narwhalswap team thanks you for your time and is grateful that you’ve stuck around through the rough launch week. Do stay tuned to our socials (links below) for the latest updates!

Plan your trades sailors. The NAR ocean can be nasty to the unprepared, but it rewards those with a plan.

  • The Narwhalswap Team

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