Different sailors were given different ranks… which came with privileges, of course.

The second Phase 1 rune to be released is the “RANK” rune of NAR.

  • RANK runes directly affect your starting buffrate, potentially putting you ahead right from the start. Any sailor worth their weight in gold knows the advantage you get with just a simple gust of wind to push you ahead.

The default initial buffrate of all pools in NAR begins at 1. Upon activation, RANK runes will change the initial buffrate the next time a buffrate is reset (Example: when you harvest your NAR from a pool).

RANK Rune Grades & Effects: Common: Initial buffrate increased to 1.2 Rare: Initial buffrate increased to 1.5 Epic: Initial buffrate increased to 1.9 Legendary: Initial buffrate increased to 2.4 Transcendent: Initial buffrate increased to 3.0

  • RANK runes activate after 24 hours and effect only the initial buffrate. They DO NOT ADD onto current buffrates.

Affected initial buffrates also are averaged when ADDING your stake amount into the pools.

For example:

  • If you have an existing stake in a pool already at a max buffrate of 9, your added amounts will follow the increased buffrate:

((Old stake*9) + (New stake*1.2)) / (9 + 1.2)

RANK RUNE REMOVAL effects: When a RANK rune is removed, the initial increased buffrate remains. (Example: If you remove a COMMON RANK RUNE, your buffrate won’t be decreased by 0.2)

But if a new stake is added/you harvest your NAR, the initial buffrate is reset back to the default starting buffrate of 1.

When a RANK rune is removed, it does NOT disappear. It can be reused again in the future.

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