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A strange elixir found in the seas of NAR provides a boost for sailors who brave its waves.
POTION runes affect the envied speed of buffrate growth. The default buff-rate increase is 50%. By slotting in a POTION rune, you will be able to increase that %.
POTION Rune Grades & Effects: Common: Buffrate refresh increased to 55% Rare: Buffrate refresh increased to 60% Epic: Buffrate refresh increased to 70% Legendary: Buffrate refresh increased to 85% Transcendent: Buffrate refresh increased to 105%
The effect of POTION runes can be a little bit tricky when it comes to timing the next buffrate refresh. We’ve provided a small example as an explanation.
  • Buff-rate refresh at 1PM, Monday (+50%), slotted in Common Potion rune on 5PM, Monday
  • Buff-rate refresh at 1PM, Tuesday (+50%), rune activates 5PM, Tuesday.
  • Buff-rate refresh at 1PM, Wednesday (+55%)
REMOVAL effects: When a POTION rune is removed, the next buffrate refresh increase will revert back to the default of 50% increase (unless MAX buffrate has already been reached).
Last modified 3yr ago