The phase 2 NAR-RUNE: “SHOVEL” will begin minting in the NAR GACHA-machine from 2PM UTC, 1st January 2021 to 2PM UTC, 8th January 2021

Like other usual NAR-RUNES, “SHOVEL” has 5 different grades. But this time, these grades provide different “mining powers”.

Common: Mining power of 1200

Rare: Mining power of 1300

Epic: Mining power of 1400

Legendary: Mining power of 1600

Transcendent: Mining power of 2000

Pay attention sailors, this Phase 2 NAR-RUNE also kicks off a new Narwhalswap Protocol V2’s feature “the NFT Mining Pool”.

The NFT Mining Pool

The NFT Mining Pools enable users to mine using NFTs instead of tokens. That means, you wouldn’t have to provide additional tokens/capital to continue farming in this feature.

  • Users will use “Shovel” Rune drawn from the NAR-Gacha machine to stake into the NFT Mining Pool to farm $SATO

  • Note: You can add an unlimited amount of “Shovel” Runes into the NFT Mining pool!

  • The formula for mining power in the NFT Mining Pools is as follows:

  • The NFT mining pool has a fixed Buffrate value of 3 for ALL users and can be increased by the ****** rune (coming soon!)


The NFT Mining Pools mine a unique token called $SATO — which gives users access into the next phase of NFTs for Narwhalswap: “The Conquerer Runes”. These set of runes have a single grade and are extremely rare.

These runes are akin to hiring a professional captain on board your ship. For example, here’s a little teaser…

H.A. Fancy — the fastest in the Golden Era of Pirates

NAR Conquerer Rune: H.A. Fancy : Enhanced buffrate refresh value: Buffrate refresh increased to ****%

Yes. That’s a four-digit increase.

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