It's call backlog in iteration development. So we have a list of backlogs and we will work with no particular order but work on each feature on each iteration. We will work some backlog as fast as we can, on the things we can.


    Token Bridge

Backlog (To do)

    Narwhalswap on Optimism
    Narwhalswap on Moonbeam (Polkadot)
    Narwhalswap on Arbitrum


    Narwhalswap Launch V1
    Narwhalswap info
    NAR Pre-Sale
    Liquidity Mining Pool V1
    GEM launch
    GOLD Launch
    NFT Launch
    NFT Marketplace V1
    Voting Launch
    Narwhalswap Launch V2
    Liquidity Mining Pool V2
    NFT Phase 2
    The Grand Banks
    Full Site Rework
    Narwhalswap Best Rate Swap (AMM Aggregator)
    Narwhalswap on Polygon
    Narwhalswap on Moonriver (Kusama)
    Narwhalswap on Fantom
    Narwhalswap on Avalanche
    Narwhalswap on Harmony
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